In spite of the limitations and struggles brought upon us as a local church through the Covid-19 pandemic, we enter the new year with many victories and great excitement!  January 10th-31st our church will participate in a time of prayer and fasting.  I want to encourage every member of our church to participate in this important together. 

As you know, we encourage two types of fasting:

  1. Fasting from physical food in some form, and we allow each person to make the determination of how to do that.  Often with the 21 day fast many will follow a Daniel Fast model and give up all meat and special delicacies of different types.
  2. Secondly, in the modern world it is very powerful to give up forms of social media and entertainment during the fasting period, which includes things such as: television, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. We know that God will lead you in how to fast, but remember fasting is about dying to our flesh so we can indulge in God at a higher level.

RISE Church is planning the following things to support and empower us during this time of fasting.

  1. Monday - Friday the North Campus Worship Center will be open for noonday prayer, and we will also bring back the Daily Devos with the Pastor for those who cannot make it out to the church.  Of course, please considering praying on your own at lunch time if you cannot make it to the North Campus.
  2. Consider attending the Tuesday night hour of prayer that takes at Wilson, Nashville and North Campus each week.  It will mean even more during this time of fasting. Also, remember that the Wednesday Connection is back each week as well. 
  3. During the final three days of our fast we will hold a 1 hour corporate worship and prayer service each night (in-person and livestream) on Jan. 28, 29, and 30. The ending of our fast will culminate at the Jan. 31, Sunday morning Super Celebration services with special guests, Pastor Sal and Debbie Dibianca and Sand Hills Teen Challenge. 


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