RISE Kids Ministry

We want our kids to GO in the strength of God ( Psalm 71:16) as they are sent out as innocent “lambs among wolves” in this world (Luke 10:3). At Rise, we realize that if we desire for our kids to grow up to be influential men and women of God, then we must equip them with the KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING of God’s word (2 Peter 3:18), a true EXPERIENCE of God’s Grace and Presence and OPPORTUNITIES to share what has been learned and experienced. Upon leaving 5th grade your child will be equipped to GO live confidently, make wise decisions, and influence the surrounding world.

Our Strategy

To learn more about GO Ministries please visit our website linked below.


Principles for life from God’s Word are creatively taught to your child at his or her own age level in order that each child may learn and understand.


Worship and Life Application Activities help your child experience the presence of God and His Word. We realize the best things are worked out is when God encounters!


Opportunities to serve in the community and church are given in order that your child may give out of what he or she has been given in order to receive even more to share! God’s gifts are immeasurable and countless and multiply when shared!

Upcoming Events